Can I train and lose weight whilst breast feeding?

Yes of course! Providing you have the all clear from your doctor to exercise. You will also need to factor in its not just eating healthy and exercise that will get you results alone. Sleep/recovery is very important and can play havoc on your results if you aren’t getting enough of it when you’re still caring for your baby. Whilst breast feeding you will be given nutritional advice on portion control and how to eat your macronutrients (Carbs / fats / protein) to ensure sufficient amount of breast milk supply whilst you drop the post baby weight.

Is it possible to regain my pre baby body I once had?

This question really resonates with me, as I have been through the motions of asking myself the exact question each time, I had given birth. There is no right or wrong answer here, it’s matter on how focused, determined you are. Having a personal trainer will help teach you mindset education which is key and when you instil healthy and better habits back into your current lifestyle you will start to see more of an improvement mentally which will help you reach closer to that goal of your pre baby weight. Patience is important especially if you are a first-time mum and really listening to what your body needs can get you the results you set out.

Do I need to take any supplements when starting out with a Personal Trainer?

No. You don’t “have” too. There are a lot of fitness professionals that will push “fat burners” or “pre workouts” but they aren’t really necessary. The idea is to get you to nourish your body with good food to help increase your energy levels and through exercise turn your body into a fat burning machine. I have taken supplements myself to see what changes it can make or how it can impact my workout or health goals you can read more about it in my blog.

Do you have to be fit to hire a Personal Trainer?

No. I have trained women that haven’t exercise once in their lives. Exercise Programs are designed specifically to cater to each individual need. Having a trainer is simply having an experienced certified person holding your hand along your fitness journey, they will become that someone that will help you instil food good habits, help you to become more active in your own time, help you have a clearer understanding that being healthy is a long life journey, help you become fitter, increase your confidence and help build your knowledge in fitness and nutrition so you can carry on with you for life!

How long will it take till I start seeing results working with a Personal trainer?

Results can show within the same week you start, and they can vary from each individual also. The word results could mean your energy levels increase, less bloated, better sleep, increase in motivation clothes fit better, dropping some numbers on the scales or losing cms off your body. Depending on how you approach your new healthy lifestyle and of course taking in all the advice and recommendations given by your PT you are pretty much on the way to achieving your goals.

Do you offer classes or bootcamp style training?

Unfortunately due to COVID Restrictions, I am only offering 1:1 sessions. Please fill out the enquiry form so I can attend to your individual enquiry. I don’t offer bootcamp style training as my gym doesn’t cater for large groups.

I have had back problems in the past that still cause me grief from time to time. Do you think low impact training would be ideal for me?

I come across this question very often. Personal trainers aren’t back/spine experts. However helping you to strengthen you back and low impact to moderate exercise can work for you, although I personally would ask for a clearance letter from your GP before we commence training together so I have a clear idea on what limitations you may have and where I can help strengthen areas that need it. I have turned down a lot of people simply because they refuse to get a clearance letter from their GP. Safety first guys!