Getting your food down packed!

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Wanting to lose belly fat or fat in itself is hard! Now try getting the nutrition right that sounds ever harder ! We can over complicate our meals sometimes and it can cause us to fall back into old habits or just simply quit before we even start cause it just seems too hard !

Simple ways to get into better food habits : 

  • Assess your current fridge / pantry situation
  • Throw out or give away food you just know is not at all healthy !
  • Have a morning routine e.g. on a empty stomach have green juice or apple cider vinegar or warm lemon water
  • Get into the habit of meal prepping the meals you struggle to make time to eat (This is SUPER important)
  • Make water part of your essentials for the day. ( weight loss starts with WATER )
  • Keep a food diary (open up notes on your phone and start jotting down what you ate for the day) this will help you stay accountable in keeping good food habits !

Self control is extremely powerful and if you have this your on the right track to weight loss success ! But for most of us this is the part we struggle the most with . Have you ever asked yourself how many times have u given in to your cravings or that chocolate that was staring at u dead in the eye ? When we give in we have basically lost our self control.. Ask yourself where do you end up after you have given in to your cravings ? Back on your healthy eating / exercise plan ? If so, fantastic ! You have got your mindset to work the way you want it too . But if not you may need more work on self control.

I’ve heard so many women that are doing so well for weeks and losing weight then they have one or two slip ups and then they give up .. So why is that ? Our self control game isn’t strong because you should be able to bounce right back onto your eating healthy / fitness regime but sometimes outside factors can play a role on how we are feeling at the time and this can start to change our current food habits .. I personally have slip ups every now and then but most definitely get back on track the following day and keep going! There is no rule that says you can’t continue eating healthy and exercising even if you slip ups! Never beat yourself up about it! We are only human after all and having a little treat here and there won’t be the end of us!


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