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The good ol saying goes “you can’t out train a bad diet”. Well that saying is true to its word. I’ve seen clients give 100 % effort in their training and not miss one session. Just one problem though…

They aren’t tracking what they eat.

Don’t get me wrong they may be getting fitter through training alone however when the persons goals are to lose weight this could be a problem for them. I usually do a weigh-in with clients once per week to keep the accountability with them and helps me closely track what’s been going on when I’m not around.

Example: A client that has been killing it in training yet lacks the nutrition in their diet will often start to feel discouraged on weigh-in day simply because they aren’t seeing the results, they thought training alone will be enough. I’ve seen some people eat a high calorie meal or two and use the saying “I’ll burn it off tomorrow through training “. Another one could be “I’ve eaten so clean and healthy all week what’s going on?”  

A lot of reasons can factor into the number of the scales or cms not dropping also if you have been pretty good tracking your meals. Reasons like fluid retention (water weight from sugars, salts or certain foods can usually sit around the abdominal region ), menstrual cycle can have you weighing a little heavier that time of the month and also weighing in the afternoon or evening.

The mentality of just focusing on training alone will have you feeling bummed out once you don’t see results you originally set out for. This happens quite often with clients I’ve trained, and it bothers me A LOT.

Their belief system is “well I have a trainer so I should be losing weight regardless” “it’s their job to get me in shape “. Keep in mind they believe binge eating out and drinking over the weekend shouldn’t really affect their results because they ate well 5 days in that week although they ate and drank all their calories for a week in one weekend. Yes a trainer is there to help you get in the best shape you can be in but they can only GUIDE you through this, most of the work you have to be willing to do on your own i.e. prep your meals, making changes to bad food habits, eat in moderation, making better food choices when you eat out, limiting alcohol consumption. This is the accountability on your part. The changes all start with YOU.

Now of course when you have a personal trainer you are given plenty of guidance how to make changes to your current diet however this alone is not enough. Tracking what you eat gives you a clear understanding how much food you’re consuming daily. This is vital for weight loss. Your trainer should have you on a set number of calories per day to help promote weight loss in conjunction with exercise or being active.

Remember the body needs to be in a calorie deficit (food) and expending more energy out (exercise) in order for fat loss to occur. Not tracking calories/food will have you exhausted from not seeing results.

Tips you can use to track food: 

  • MyFitnessPal app
  • Food scales (calories reading)
  • Keep a food diary
  • External brought Prepared meals

 Gadgets/app to track activity/Steps:

  • Fitbit
  • IWatch
  • Garmin
  • Any fitness tracking watch
  • MyFitnessPal

 Days you don’t see trainer but want to stay active ?

  • Go for a walk with baby / partner or dog
  • Go for a brisk walk/jog on your lunch break
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Yoga
  • Playing sport
  • Hiking
  • Indoor/ outdoor rock climbing
  • Walk to and from work or the train station /bus stop
  • Go to the gym/ gym class

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