Is it possible to change certain parts of my body?

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The answer is Yes.

Women always seem to have an issue with just one type of their body that they struggle with the most. They will spend countless hours grinding away at the gym or doing a type of exercises that may not be helping reduce troubled area of their body.

I speak from experience and I know I had trouble with my glutes (Booty). I wanted a nice firm behind and although I was training daily I wasn’t really putting any emphasis on the behind region lol.

So, what did I do to firm up my booty?

  • Increase lower body weighted exercises
  • Increase my carbohydrate intake by a little
  • Progress shots weekly to compare my results

It’s that simple.

No need to over complicate what you want to achieve. You should consider the following when you want to reduce or enhance a certain part of your body.

Be clear on what part of your body you want to tone, build or lose weight 

Having a good idea on what exactly is that troubled spot of your body is a good sign you know exactly what you want to work on. This is the part that helps you create your fitness plan and allows you to set goals.

Create a plan 

Without a plan you can easily lose focus on what you are trying to achieve. You can also lose motivation to continue to smash your goals. Planning helps keep you always pushing that little bit extra to challenge yourself which in turn will increase your fitness levels which is a win win!

Track your progress (Ditch the scales) !

Progress shots are important they will help show you proof that you are actually achieving your results and keep you motivated to keep pushing through. Comparing progress shots helps you identify what you may need to change or adjust to see what’s working with your body and what isn’t.

Keep a tracking sheet for example: if lifting weights to build stronger toned upper body write down the much you lifted each training session to compare if you are progressing with your goals.

Keep yourself accountable 

Being held accountable is extremely important because this builds your mindset and trains the brain turn the negative thoughts that hold us back from achieving what we want into positive thoughts to transforming your body into what you have always wanted.

Investing in a fitness coach is always ideal when you are serious about changing that certain body part. A coach will always push you to your limits helping you increase your levels of fitness.

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