Maha’s Story

Hi ! I’m Maha , I’m a mother of 2 kids which keeps me quite busy. I am a qualified Personal trainer and Nutritional & mindset coach . I have a love for fitness and enjoy helping ladies that really struggle to make the change for a more healthier active lifestyle.

I have had my own struggles with my weight in my late 20’s where I suffered from chronic anxiety that lasted years and also my waist line kept expanding. After changing my eating habits and working on my own self development I knew fitness is where I found my passion. I lost a total of 30kgs in 9 months. 

After having 2 kids I had piled the weight back on as I wasn’t active during my pregnancies due to pinched nerves in my lower back which caused me to not move much. I became depressed and resorted to food. After having each child I worked hard to lose the baby weight and get strong once more. 

I feel extremely blessed that I have had the opportunity to help so many women achieve their health goals. It’s so rewarding for me seeing the smiles on their faces once their goals are achieved.   

I am a trainer that can really resonate with a lot of women that have lost their confidence and feel stuck. Some women don’t know where to start and need guidance . This is something I once felt and can understand. Given my own experiences with my fitness journey I have helped inspire women to become fit and strong which helps them overcome challenges they face in their everyday life. 

“After losing all the baby weight my vision in life became a lot clearer. My mission to make other mums out there feel the empowerment of weight loss and how it can have a really awesome affect to your overall lifestyle.”

"Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body Is Designed to Feel"

- Kevin Trudeau

"GIVE me a fish I eat for a DAY. TEACH me to fish I eat for a LIFETIME"

- Chinese Proverb

Being your Personal Trainer I will help educate you to move, eat and think in a more healthier way that is suited for you and your lifestyle. 

My main mission is to help my clients achieve their goals. Given the methods and effective education that has not only worked for me but for hundreds of women I have trained and seen succeed. 

Let’s get started !

I will help you to:

  • Boost your confidence 
  • Set your goals aim to achieve them
  • Become Empowered so that you can get strong and fit for life !
  • Learn the keys fundamentals on how to keep your results for a lifetime
  • Learn safe and effective exercises you can do at home or gym
  • Increase your knowledge on nourishing your body with good food 
  • Learn how to flexible diet 


I’m ready to start my fitness journey