Maha’s Story

My Name is Maha, a mother of 2 active children, girl aged 6 & boy aged 3. I am a fitness & Nutritional coach and my absolute passion is to help change lives of mums that feel stuck in their bodies and desperately want to make that change inside out! This came about through my own experience. I was creeping slowly into my 30’s and I was fitting into a size 16.

I was miserable and lost all self confidence. I needed to change not only on the outside but the inside needed working on too. Here is where I wanted to learn more about fitness and nutrition and became qualified. I loved sharing my ideas and tips on social media and began having thousands of followers wanting to know how to eat better and train more effectively.

“I want to help mums out there to get their ‘MOJO’ back! Increase their self confidence and love their bodies to the fullest as us mothers are the role models for our children.”

“After having my first child I gained back all the weight I lost pre baby so I started from scratch and lost all my body weight within 12months simply by being consistent and true to myself that I had set small goals for myself and I was determine to achieve them.”

“After losing all the baby weight my vision in life became a lot clearer. My mission to make other mums out there feel the empowerment of weight loss and how it can have a really awesome affect to your overall lifestyle.”

"Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body Is Designed to Feel"

- Kevin Trudeau

"GIVE me a fish I eat for a DAY. TEACH me to fish I eat for a LIFETIME"

- Chinese Proverb

Get in shape by having your personal trainer that struggled with her weight in her early adulthood and went from being overweight to being fit and healthy!

My mission here at Fitness Goals is to ensure my client’s goals are being met. You will be guided and educated with effective methods that helped many women reshape their bodies from the comfort of their own home! I Work closely with my clients to help them achieve their best body yet!
Don’t second guess yourself start your fitness journey NOW!

Apply now to work personally with me to:

  • Create A Shapely, Sexy, Pre-Baby Body
  • Get The Results You Deserve – Faster!
  • Better your confidence & Lifestyle so your results are permanent
  • Bring back your MOJO
  • One on One coaching with me that has lived and experienced weight gain & weight loss
  • Learn the secrets to maintaining your results for a lifetime
  • Slim & Tighten Your Legs & Thighs
  • Get More Support & Motivation


I’m ready to start my fitness journey