What does Personal Training include:

This program is guaranteed to help you create the your best body shape!
My customised training programs are comprehensive and holistic in approach, and include the following services:

Weekly Weigh-ins

Macro & Calorie
Controlled Recipes

Mindset &
Nutritional Education

24/7 Coach

What does personal training include?

On your initial first session you will be given a folder with an introduction to PT and recommendations you may want to consider.

Questions I usually ask my clients on their first session :

How many hours to do you sleep per night?
How many litres of water do you drink per day ?
What do you generally eat in a day?
Have you had any injuries, surgeries or on medication ?
Have you seen a PT before ?
What do you do in your spare time ?
Do you have children ?
What do you do for work ?

Why do I ask these questions ?

It is ideal for me to gage what my clients constraints , strength and weaknesses are. Building a training program for each individual is important as I want my clients to not only achieve their goals but enjoy their training sessions 🙂

The types of workouts I provide:

  • Boxing
  • Cardio & endurance
  • Strength
  • Core & balance training
  • Pelvic floor training
    (High intensity interval training & Low intensity steady state)

Here is what my clients have to say…