Things to consider before hiring a Personal Trainer

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To some having a personal trainer means they are guaranteed getting the results they want. The fact is a personal trainer is someone that guides , coaches and will help keep you tracking along .. but see there is a problem .. most people that turn up to their first training session don’t know what they’re in for ..

These are some things to consider before your first session with your new trainer :

What is your ACTUAL goal ?

Most of my clients write on their screening forms ‘ lose weight fit into my skinny jeans again” . When they turn up to their session I asked the same question again and get a completely different answer. So really think about what REALLY drove you to hire a PT to begin with  ? Why deep down this goal is so important to you?  If the burning desire isn’t  there then you will most likely give up within a few weeks or even the same day.

Are you REALLY willing to make a lifestyle change?

Turning up to your first PT session you will have to expect your trainer talking about changes to your lifestyle in order to adhere to your goals you want to achieve. This could mean change in routine to fit in extra activity or getting your daily steps in or grocery shopping with healthier alternatives to stay consistent with results , so think about some things you may need to change in order to transition into more of a healthier lifestyle so you are able to maintain your results for a longer period of time or become part of your life forever!

Will your training and new healthy lifestyle effect the people or family around you ?

I have seen this happen many times over where a client’s partner may think their goal or having a PT is farfetched and create a negative space around them. It’s always ideal to chat to your partner about the changes you want to make and about hiring a PT and ensure they are on board with your decision as this makes it easier to adapt new and healthier habits both the household and in the kitchen most importantly.

If you have any medical conditions or on medication have you got a clearance letter to exercise from your doctor ?

I know to some this may sound absurd or crazy and when I have refused to train some potential clients because they have a bludging or herniated disk in their backs and they refused to get a letter from their GP, then they wonder why. A trainer isn’t a physician and doesn’t know your medical history. So it’s extremely important you have the clearance letter so your trainer has a fair idea on how to program your training correctly without causing further injury and getting the most out of your PT sessions.. 

What questions do you have for your Personal Trainer ?

This one is really important. Questions are good! Trainers love knowing that their client is inquisitive wants to know more about their transformation. Even if It means jotting your questions down on paper so be it ! Bring those questions along with you to your first session!

Good Luck ! Smash it !!!

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