What do we know about Ketogenic diets?

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Well this type of diet can be referred to as a low-carb diet or low carb high fat diet. Ketones ( When carbohydrates are low the body breaks down fat for energy to occur ).

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates your body produces glucose and insulin.

Glucose : When the body requires energy it uses glucose as the easiest source to convert energy.

Insulin: Processes glucose which then travels through the bloodstream and moves it around your body.

When glucose ( from eating carbs ) is used as the main energy source your fats are no longer needed and therefore they are stored as fat rather then used as energy. If you lower the consumption of carbohydrates the body will go into a place known as ketosis.

When food intake is low the body naturally initiates ketosis to help us survive. Ketones which come from fats in the liver where its broken down. So to put the body through a starvation of carbohydrates we are forcing the body into this metabolic state. No need to starve on the calories just the carbohydrates .

Make sense ?

When you want to load the body with more fats and take away carbohydrates the body is extremely adaptive. Ketones ( Fats from what the the liver breaks down ) is then used as the primary energy source. Looking for a ketogenic meal plan ? Click here 


During a keto diet loads of benefits such as increased energy levels , weight loss and building muscles in certain parts of your body to showing huge benefits in controlled insulin levels.

Weight Loss 


Being on a keto diet you can turn your body into a fat burning machine as keto taps in to your fat stores as the main energy source which is helps with long term results compared to low fat high carb diets.


Being a type 2 diabetic the keto diet is something you should seriously consider as with the types of foods you eat helps keep your blood sugar levels low as carb (glucose) intake decreases in your diet makes it ideal for diabetic sufferers.


When on the keto diet avoiding dairy will help improve your skin condition as your switching to a low carb diet helps decrease lesions and skin inflammation.

Energy levels increases

As you increase your fat intake this helps our bodies become more reliable in burning energy as fat are the most effective molecule to burn fuel, it also keeps the body fuller for much longer which won’t have you reach for that carb for a quick energy fix.


The keto diet is not for the faint hearted it was originally designed for athletes and army soldiers that need high fat burning regime for times they are doing intense training or work so the body is able to push through longer periods of work or training.

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