What Supplements do you take daily to help with your weight loss goals?

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I don’t know about you but sometimes walking in to a supplement store can be confusing as hell!

There is so many different variety of supplements that you can take which all help different parts of the body but you definitely need to do your homework first!

When it came to my weight loss journey most of the time I wasn’t taking anything to help with my performance during my workouts. Then someone suggested taking a pre-workout and invest in a protein powder to help with giving me a boost of energy during my workouts and a recovery drink after my workouts.

The first pre-workout I took was BSC Hydroxy shred. I must say I was quite impressed. Not only did it give me a boost of energy when it came time to train I was sweating it like crazy and was able to push through an entire workout without stopping!

I got no jitters no tingly feelings in my arms like some other pre-workouts do to you nor did I have an accelerated heartbeat! I took this for about 3 months then as my body adapted to this pre-workout it didn’t give me that boost no more.

So I stopped taking this supplement so I could give my liver a break from taking supplements for a while. (Always consult with your doctor before taking any type of supplement) RRP: $69.95

Body Shaping protein was one of the first protein powder I took when I was trying to lose weight. As I was portion controlling what I was eating at times I would get really hungry after a workout and I was always on the go.

This supplement helped fill in as a form of a meal replacement till my next meal . Ideally would recommend having it right after your workout for recovery also aiding in weight loss. Low in carbs, low GI and high protein content to keep your energy sustained longer.

I used the BSC supplement for about 2 years till I became pregnant and stop drinking it. I had this supplement with water most times or skim milk. RRP: $24.95

The Gold Standard Whey Protein was really good protein I took and tested amazing with just water but I found it made me really bloated and didn’t sit right with me. It’s a great source of protein if you’re looking at shredding fat and getting lean (I had to stop taking this form of supplement as I found out I was intolerant to whey). 

You get good value for your money as it come in a 1 kg container and will last you at least a month if used daily. . RRP: $54.95

Optimum Nutrition have this great supplement to help with muscle and joint recovery. The great quality about this type of amino acid is it can be taken before during and after a workout.

It has multiple advantages such as it helps you boost your energy levels before you train, keeps you going through those tough workouts and last but not least it helps recover those achy muscles and also aids in fat loss.This supplement can be taken in a form of a pre workout also. I did get a tingly feeling down arm but only for the first few minutes drinking it otherwise I had no problems taking it as it served its purpose well.  RRP: $29.99

If you are looking for a tasty green powder to keep your internals healthy then Morlife have an awesome range of different flavours you can choose from.

Greens powder benefits help vital organs function properly and can be use as a form of a pre and probiotic , detoxifies your internals to keep those nasties away and the gut working efficiently.

When I was using this type of greens I loved that I couldn’t so much taste the actual greens yet still reap all the benefits you would from a greens powder supplement.

My favorite flavour is the acai raspberry. They come in 100g packets or 10 sachets @10g each.

RRP: $27.95

Happy way protein is my ultimate favourite which I recommend to my clients that are looking for more of a natural supplement.It tastes amazing in smoothie bowls, oats, or even on its own with water! Comes in a variety of flavours. I personally enjoy the chocolate, coffee and vanilla flavour.

I also use this protein powder for my post workout drink if I am waiting for my meal to be cooked. I found happy way to be gentle on on the gut which won’t cause bloating like most protein supplement may do.

All ingredients are organic and natural, aids in weight loss, it has the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires to function healthier on a daily basis.

Awesome to have as a post workout drink helping with recovery of those fatigue muscles and joints. They also come in vegan flavours and they also taste great. RRP: $43.95

After having my second child I understood nutrition a little better and listened to my body better and wanted more of a natural organic supplement with ingredients I could actually read and understand what I was putting in to my body.

Happy way fat burner gave me a natural energy boost and helped me thru the hard workouts I would struggle with normally.

It also assisted in my weight loss and left me with zero side effects as all the ingredients were natural and nothing artificial or had any additives.

One container is about a 1 month’s supply if used daily. Watermelon flavour is the only flavour they have in the fat burner and taste really good. RRP: $69.95

Nature’s Way Spirulina tasted quite nice considering it has a very rich green texture. Full of antioxidants and acts as a multivitamin for some that prefer to have it in powder form.

You can have it with juice or water, I just put a teaspoon into my smoothie mix and I have gotten my greens I’ve needed for the day. Spirulina can be purchased from any major supermarket or health food stores. RRP: $14.99


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