When family and friends want to sabotage your progress

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You are doing so well with losing weight and getting fit, looking your best you have looked in years. Wearing all those slim outfits you only wished would fit you once upon a time and now it’s become a reality.

Suddenly the very people that have cracked jokes about your weight and telling you will stay forever fat (true story) are the ones now gobsmacked with your new transformation and are trying more than ever to try and sabotage your results.

Sound familiar?

Well if it doesn’t resonate with you this actually happened to me and a couple of my clients also. At one point I was hearing rumours about me that I had a gastric sleeve done to lose all the weight in such a short amount of time. It was quite sad actually that in today’s society people are quick to assume weight loss is done through surgery.

Umm, what happened to good old fashion exercise and a good healthy diet? Some are very quick to pass judgement, and some are on your side cheering and supporting you on your journey. Either way this should not slow you down or effect you in any way. Take this as a positive step as this create curiosity in others and eventually, they will ask you how you did It.

Remember what brought you to the decision to transform your body, let that push you past limits you didn’t think were achievable. You may have a situation where you are at a family lunch and around others that aren’t so health conscious and you will start feel like I have stuffed the diet. Automatically you have someone say “one meal won’t make you fat “ and they are right one meal won’t make you fat but it can throw your momentum of good clean eating off track and you may slip back into old habits, this depends on self-control and how much you truly want to stay committed to seeing results.

I do believe moderation is key you may have bad days where you have had limited options to healthy meals or you may have just had a not so healthy day of eating but that’s ok so long you can say to yourself I will get back on track tomorrow. Being hard on yourself also is a mindset I don’t encourage clients to fall into as this can cause them to have a bad relationship with food.

Having support around you is an added bonus but not everyone is lucky to have people motivate them. I have worked with clients where their parents or partners would watch us train and in the background yell out ‘you are wasting your time ‘surely enough the client let those words get the best of them and stopped exercising altogether.

I have also had clients have their spouses whom have no experience in fitness or nutrition give them advice on food and exercise which makes my job harder as the clients comes back confused and falling off track. Example: My client came to me one session and told me her husband believes if you train hard and eat whatever you want you can still lose weight.

So you see you may have committed to getting in shape and transforming your body but the hardest part for some is to not let others get in their way of achieving their goals and the most importantly is trust your trainer and allow yourself to be trainable (meaning listen , apply and achieve).

Ways to help you get back on track after a not so good day of eating:

  • Keep a food diary and also note how you felt after eating that meal
  • Speak to your trainer be honest and explain what’s been going on
  • Keep healthy meals and snacks in your fridge and pantry so there easy to reach for
  • My fitness pal app can help you track calories and will keep you accountable

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