Why being on a “Diet” won’t help you lose weight

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So the diet starts on “MONDAY”. You google something like ” best diet for weight loss ” and you get yourself ready for Monday for the diet to begin OR you just eat salads with either tuna or chicken and hope for the best for the remaining of the week. You jump on the scales come a week’s time and the number on the scales haven’t moved not even 200 grams. How frustrating is that !! Right ??

Most of this “diets” you would generally last roughly a week maybe two if you are really committed but then you start to slip back in to old habits again. Why does being on a diet almost never work?

Lack of Knowledge 

Most people that want to shed fat have very limited knowledge on nutrition or what exercises they should do. Some may not be confident enough or may feel like they will be judge if they reach out for help.  This can become discouraging to some people so instead of second guessing what food or exercise you should eat or googling it, seek help from a fitness professional or join a health program to get you started and on the right track.

Skipping meals

One of the biggest misconception is when people think skipping a meal or two will help with them lose weight. This has the reserved affect on your body. The more meals you skip the less likely you will see results. Skipping meals will not only slow your metabolism greatly but also result to feeling extremely lethargic by 3pm and you’ll be seeing yourself reaching for a sugary snack!

Exercising a bad meal off 

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet?” This is because what you eat is the key factor to your weight loss. Eating a bad meal then trying to burn it off at the gym won’t get you the results you desire. Instead you will see little to no results.

Doing too much exercise 

Generally exercising for over 60 minutes starts to fatigue the body. Becoming tired and sore plays havoc on your moods and overall wellbeing. Doing too much exercise sometimes can make you lose your motivation to continue this type of routine and mostly likely prone to injury.

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